Bob Books Complete Bundle

Bob Books is offering a Complete Bundle at a special discount. This BIG bundle offers 12 box sets, six Bob Books Stories books, and Five Workbooks to take your young reader through their entire journey of learning to read with Bob Books. From Stage 1’s fundamentals through Stage 3’s complex words and vowels.



My First Bob Books: Alphabet

Familiar animal friends progressively introduce the 26 letters of the alphabet.

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Set 1: Beginning Readers

If your child knows the alphabet, Set 1 will kickstart their path to reading. Uses 2- and 3-letter phonics words.

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Rhyming Words

Rhyming makes reading easier and more fun for kids that are just getting started.

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More Beginning Readers

A companion set to the bestselling Bob Books Set 1 Beginning Readers set, More Beginning Readers are great for kids who need extra practice reading simple 2 and 3 letter phonetic words.

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First Stories

The perfect stepping-stone to independent reading... containing four level A-B and two level C-D books.

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Set 2: Advancing Beginners

Continues building reading skills with three-letter words and consistent vowel sounds.

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Sight Words: Kindergarten

Provides practice at the beginning reading level, and introduces 30 of the most common and easy sight words.

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Animal Stories

Kids can rely on short vowels in three-letter-words to support their new reading skills, as they take their next steps into reading and discover two-syllable words and consonant combinations.

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Sight Words: First Grade

Gradually adds more complexity as your beginning reader acquires 30 new sight words.

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Set 3: Word Families

Consonant blends gently introduce new concepts to the progressing reader.

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Set 4: Complex Words

Simple narratives help children focus their skills on decoding, while introducing more challenging concepts.

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Set 5: Long Vowels

Introduces the important new skills of long vowels and the magical silent e with longer stories.

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The New Puppy

In this easy-to-read story, Jack and Anna want a puppy.  A puppy will be fun!  It will be hard work, too.

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Buddy to the Rescue

In this easy-to-read story, Buddy the dog, Jack and Anna's family goes to a carnival and becomes a hero.

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Cupcake Surprise

In this easy-to-read story, Jack and Anna want to make a birthday surprise for Dad.

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Outdoor Adventures

Jack and Anna go on a hike. On their adventure they see animals. Can they have an adventure in the yard, too?

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I Can Ride

In this easy-to-read story, Jack is learning how to ride a bike. Dad is helping him. Will Jack be able to do it?

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My School Trip

In this easy-to-read story, Jack's class is going on a trip to the zoo.

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Stage 1: Beginning Readers Workbook

This jumbo workbook is the companion with three sets: Bob Books Alphabet, Bob Books Beginning Readers, and Bob Books Rhyming Words.

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Beginning Readers Wipe-Clean Workbook

With this wipe-clean workbook, every page can be used over and over, allowing for plenty of practice and lots of creativity! This workbook focuses on letter sounds, which helps a child decode (sound out) simple words. It can be used alongside Bob Books Set 1 Beginning Readers box set, or by any child learning to read.

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Stage 1: More Beginning Readers Workbook

This jumbo workbook is the companion with of two book sets: Bob Books More Beginning Readers and Bob Books First Stories.

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Stage 2: Emerging Readers Workbook

This jumbo workbook corresponds with three book sets: Advancing Beginners, Sight Words: Kindergarten, and Sight Words: First Grade.

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Stage 3: Developing Readers Workbook

This jumbo workbook corresponds with three book sets: Word Families, Complex Words and Long Vowels.

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