Stage 1: Beginning Readers Bundle

Bob Books is offering a “Stage 1” bundle at a special discount. Stage 1: Beginning Readers Bundle is perfect for the child starting their journey into the joys of reading.


This workbook was specifically designed to compliment these three book-sets, and will help reinforce core concepts while your child has fun working through activities.

Original price was: $94.94.Current price is: $74.95.

My First Bob Books: Alphabet

Familiar animal friends progressively introduce the 26 letters of the alphabet.

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Set 1: Beginning Readers

If your child knows the alphabet, Set 1 will kickstart their path to reading. Uses 2- and 3-letter phonics words.

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Phonics for Early Readers

Science of Reading research proves that mastering phonics is key to a child's success in learning to read. This box of 12 books builds readers' phonics skills one tiny step at a time so their confidence stays high!

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Rhyming Words

Rhyming makes reading easier and more fun for kids that are just getting started.

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Stage 1: Beginning Readers Workbook

This jumbo workbook is the companion with three sets: Bob Books Alphabet, Bob Books Beginning Readers, and Bob Books Rhyming Words.

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Beginning Readers Wipe-Clean Workbook

With this wipe-clean workbook, every page can be used over and over, allowing for plenty of practice and lots of creativity! This workbook focuses on letter sounds, which helps a child decode (sound out) simple words. It can be used alongside Bob Books Set 1 Beginning Readers box set, or by any child learning to read.

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