Find supplements to your Bob Books sets here! Download and use them along with the books for enriched success when helping your children learn to read.

Downloadable Activities

Set 1: Beginning Readers 
Coloring Page

Rhyming Words 
Game: Rhyme Fish

Set 2: Advancing Beginners 
Coloring Page

Sight Words: Kindergarten 
Game: Word Search

Sight Words: First Grade 
Game: Fill-In

Sight Words
Game: Word Match

Sight Words:
Answer Key

Set 3: Word Families
Coloring Page

Set 4: Complex Words
Coloring Page

Set 5: Long Vowels
Coloring Page

Bob Books Reward Chart


Printable Activities

Available from This Reading Momma:

Each printable pack contains hands-on and developmentally appropriate activities to work on phonics patterns as well as sight words that are introduced in each Bob Book set.