Stage 3: Developing Readers Bundle


These book-sets and workbook were specifically designed to work together to enhance your child’s learning while also providing fun activities to reinforce core concepts.

Set 3: Word Families

Consonant blends gently introduce new concepts to the progressing reader.

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Set 4: Complex Words

Simple narratives help children focus their skills on decoding, while introducing more challenging concepts.

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Set 5: Long Vowels

Introduces the important new skills of long vowels and the magical silent e with longer stories.

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Stage 3: Developing Readers Workbook

This jumbo workbook corresponds with three Bob Books sets: Word Families, Complex Words and Long Vowels.

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Here for the Bob Books is offering a “Stage 3” bundle at a special discount. Stage 3: Developing Readers Package is perfect for the child ready to read slightly more complex words.

  • Book Sets
    • Word Families
    • Complex Words
    • Long Vowels
  • Workbook
    • Developing Readers Work Book, Stage 3

This workbook was specifically designed to compliment these three book-sets, and will help reinforce core concepts while your child has fun working through activities.