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Sight Words

First Grade

Skill Level: Beginning Reading Practice

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  • By Lynn Maslen Kertell  & Sue Hendra
  • 10 books, 12 pages each.
  • Slightly longer and more complex stories. Uses 30 sight words.  Includes 30 two-sided, sight words flash cards.

Sight words are common words that appear again and again in your children’s reading material. Knowing these words “by sight” is essential for reading fluency. This set provides more practice by introducing another set of sight words.

With Sight Words First Grade we continue with our easy method for introducing sight words.  Consistent short vowels and simple stories mean children sound out (decode) the story, and must memorize only three new sight words per book. With plenty of repetition and context clues, your young reader will quickly master the next set of 30 sight words.

Words and stories in Sight Words First Grade are slightly longer and more complex than the Kindergarten set.  Succeeding reading these books builds confidence in the progressing reader.

Inside the box you'll find:

  1. 10 easy-to-read, hilarious small books, 12 pages each. 
  2. Slightly longer and more complex stories. 
  3. All stories told in one syllable, three-, four- and five-letter words, plus sight words. 
  4. Consistent short vowels mean easy decoding in the rest of the story. 
  5. Three new sight words introduced in each book. 
  6. 30 two-sided, sight words flash cards.

Sight words introduced:

  • a
  • are
  • ate
  • before
  • bring
  • come
  • find
  • good
  • he
  • into
  • like
  • little
  • long
  • make
  • my
  • new
  • now
  • old
  • play
  • pretty
  • said
  • she
  • than
  • that
  • too
  • under
  • what
  • will
  • with
  • you

The Bob Books are fantastic and have been an essential tool for me to teach our three kids to read. I highly recommend all of the Bob Books.

Ruby Chimera

The books are small enough to hold his attention. We have been reading one book a night and learning new sight words. I wish I would have bought the books earlier (in Kindergarden).

D. Farris

My grandson loves these books. He is so proud of himself because he can read them to his parents by himself.

Bonni Smith

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