First Stories (Hard Cover)


The perfect stepping-stone to independent reading… containing four level A, four level B and four level C books.  All twelve books now available in one hard cover book!

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A brand new Bob Books hard cover book featuring 12 easy-to-read stories!

Great for kindergarten and first grade readers, this hard cover book includes twelve mini-books. This set is the perfect stepping stone to independent reading since it contains four level A books, four level B’s, and four level C’s.

In typical Bob Books style, these mini-books have lots of repetition, friendly illustrations, and silly stories.

Bob Books First Stories is a great companion to Bob Books Set 1: Beginning Readers and Sight Words Kindergarten and Sight Words First Grade.

Inside the hard cover book you’ll find:
  • 12 easy-to-read books, 12 pages each
  • Consistent sounds. All letters (except Q) introduced gradually in this set.
  • Books with only two and three letter words
  • All words can be “sounded out” (phonics based)
  • Each book introduces a few new letters
  • Limited sight words
  • 7 to 20 words per book

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