Bob Books and VersaTiles®, Advancing Beginners Set


An engaging, hands-on approach to reading from hand2mind, the leader in hands-on learning in the classroom for over 50 years.

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Give beginning readers additional practice that they will love! The Bob Books Advancing Beginners set helps build strong reading skills. Use of three-letter words and consistent vowel sounds in slightly longer stories reinforces skills and builds confidence. The stories are filled with fun, drama, and surprises to keep interest high!

Alongside these books children can practice the skills they are learning by doing activities in their VersaTiles workbook. This tried and true practice system creates a hands-on way of reviewing what they are learning in their Bob Books. Simply line up the puzzle-like answer case on top of the page in the book, and line the tiles up on top to start. Pick up each tile 1-8 and answer the question underneath it. Once each tile is placed, close the case, flip it over and see if the pattern matches what is on the bottom right corner of the workbook page. This practice is what helps children to comprehend what they are learning and gives them confidence in their reading abilities.

Engage your beginning reader with a fun puzzle-like way to practice reading!

Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Bob Books Advancing Beginners Set – 12 Bob Books that continue building reading skills with three-letter words and consistent vowel sounds.
  • VersaTiles practice workbook with 20 hands-on activities.
  • Puzzle-like answer case that gives a hands-on way to practice new skills. With the self checking pattern it’s like a game to see if they got the answers all right!

How it Works:

From hand2mind: in classrooms for 50+ years!

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