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Stick it to ‘Em! How to Use Bob Books Reward Charts

Posted by info BobBooks.

Each Bob Books Collections set comes with a set of stickers. How should you use them?

Bob Books Reading Chart

Bob Books Reading Chart

As any parent of a young child will tell you, stickers are cool! Stickers can also serve as an effective motivator and a satisfying reward for a job well done. Stickers can also track progress. Some parents make or print our chart of all the titles in the foundation reader series (Sets 1- 5) and use a sticker to mark each book that is read. This can be motivating for homeschoolers and others who like to keep track of their progression through the series. Feel free to download and print out the graphic above if you’d like to use this at home.

We included stickers in the Bob Books Collections as a 'little prize' so that kids can show off that they’ve read the whole book. You can also let kids place their stickers into the inside cover of a book when it is completed. We encourage repeated reading of titles to build confidence and fluency. The stickers can mark how many times a book has been read and when to move on.

You can also use the stickers for plain ol' fun, letting your child put them on clothing, notebooks, craft projects … anywhere. However you decide to use the stickers, the aim is to make it a positive experience. Reading should be a rewarding time with your child, building memories for both of you. The stickers can serve as an effective reminder.

Other ideas for using Bob Books stickers? Let us know.